Keeping it up to date (given up with the Pi puns)

Continuing from here First page here 7.  Updating your system We’ve just got a spot of housekeeping to do before installing some stuff to turn your pi into something useful.  We are going to do a system update to make sure we are running the latest version of everything.  And I mean everything.  The update […]

Another pi pun

Continued from here First page here. 6.  Creating a user Now you are starting to get to know your Pi, you’ll want to start making it feel more like home.  Unless your name is “Pi” you will want to add yourself as a user.  Type this: adduser naich Do I really need to explain that […]


These are appendixes from the set of posts about setting up and using a Raspberry Pi. Appendix A: Selecting an IP Address As part of the boot process, your Pi used DHCP to get an IP address from the router. The problem with this is that it is an automated process which is invisible to […]

Pi Eyed

Continued from here. Your Pi is now sitting in the corner of the room, blinking its lights at you and presumably working.  Shall we see if we can do something with it? 3.  Setting up the interweb Your Pi is working and sitting on the network, waiting for you.  But where is it?  You need […]

Yummy Pi – what to do with a Raspberry Pi

So you’ve got your Raspberry Pi and it’s sitting there, staring at you PCB-ily while you are wondering why you ordered it in the first place.  If you don’t know what to do with your Raspberry Pi, don’t bother plugging it into your TV, booting it up and clicking despondently at a few things before […]

And another thing…

Sorry, you’ve got me started on the Vectra now. The Vectra’s central locking has 2 “features” I’ve not seen on other cars – one press of the remote unlocks the driver’s door and you need another press to unlock the rest of the doors and the boot and filler cap. The reason for this is […]

I’m so popular!

Gosh, where do I start.  There are so many people want me to join their exclusive circles.  I had a letter from the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University (or “Vicey”, as I call him), asking me – actually more like begging me to join him for a swanky reception with canapes and vino.  He used […]

Cat 0 : Linux 1

I went to do some stuff on my PC the other day to find that the cat had been sleeping with her paw on the “Print Screen” button. This button starts up a program that takes a screenshot and brings up a window asking where you want to save it. Holding down a key keeps […]

A new plan

I want to discover a fundamental force of nature. What I’ll do is give it the unit of a “manilli”. Everyone will wonder why until they realise what 1/1000th of a manilli is. Then they will get that awful tune stuck in their head and hate me.

It’s a bit quiet isn’t it?

I’ve not had much to say for myself recently.  Obviously I’ve had no interesting thoughts since June, and then it was about getting bits of metal out of a skip.  What a life I must lead. Highlights since the last blog entry: Fixed the brakes on my bike Fixed the washing line Poisoned two rats […]