God-awful shit in the TV Times

What do Princess Di, the Flying Scotsman and a blue tit hatching out of an egg have in common? They have all been the subjects of adverts for truly dreadful shit, as sold in the TV Times. Even the people that make this fuck-awful tat can’t quite believe that anyone would be mental enough to […]

Blowing chunks

Oh go on then, if you insist. Search strings, as recorded in the site logs, coming up. Here are all of them for October if you like raw data. This list also includes ones from September and, as usual, I’ll do my best to help these poor souls. can you make someone vomit by punching […]

I collect internets

This is the story of how I almost got two copies of the World Wide Web stored on my web server. Yes, the entire World Wide Web. 2 Copies. Now, I’m a geek so I’m not sure how much of this “normal” people (like yourself) will be able to follow, so if you find yourself […]

Mortgage Help

One of my more useful sites is the Mortgage Calculator. Actually, it’s now so useful I’ve renamed it Mortgage Analyser. A calculator is something that sits on your desk which you type 55378008 into and turn it upside down for a juvenile flashback. An analyser however, is something that throws more data at you than […]