This month’s searches

This month, people have mainly been stumbling across this blog as they searched for:

  • green poo toddler” / baby yellow vomit” / dark green poo toddler” / “pale poo vomit” / etc. etc. Nice to know that I’m still number one for the rainbow of diseased bodily fluids. Yay.
  • bmw angel eyes daytime running lights insurance” – er… Yes, very probably.
  • brakes making squidy noises” – Mine sound more like an octopus being fed through a blunt bandsaw.
  • does cocaine make green poo” – I had to look that one up myself – it doesn’t look like it does, interestingly enough. Probably something you ate.
  • fire coming out of a monkey tab” – It’s something to do with guitar notation for a song by the Gorillaz. Thank fuck for that.
  • fucking bmw drivers” – Taking the handbrake off and rolling them over a cliff should do it.

Right. I’m putting the words “celery”, “anal” and “leech” into this post to try for some interesting search queries for next month.

One Reply to “This month’s searches”

  1. Thanks for a brilliant blog. It cheered me up no end.
    And I didn’t even get here by looking up any of those phrases. I must lead a sheltered life.
    I shall commence the stalking with alacrity.

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