is a scam

Sorry, that’s much of a punchy title for the first new post in over a year, but the only punching I want to do right now are ones aimed at the scamming gits behind Movie Maker is a nice, easy to use video editor that Wibs had on his old laptop.  So we downloaded it, […]

Pirpl – it’s another Pirate Radio PLaylist thing!

If you liked the previous Pi-rate Radio Jukebox (and 15 people did!), you won’t want to miss this latest version of it.  It’s basically the same thing, but it runs as a daemon, so you can fire up your favourite tunes using a browser rather than logging in to your Pi to start up scripts.  As usual it’s […]

Friendly wave!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good rant about the shower of bastards I encounter on the roads.  I’m not commuting through Cambridge itself any more, so I don’t encounter so many of them.  Also, although my route is over twice as long now, it uses quite a few cycle paths of varying lethality, […]

Pi-rate Radio Jukebox

Note: there is an update to this post. There is a nice hack for a Raspberry Pi where you can turn it into an FM transmitter.  While this is illegal in most countries, the range is quite limited so it’s fairly unlikely you’ll go to prison. The only hardware needed is your Raspberry Pi and a piece […]

Bash Brackets

Handy guide to bash brackets, swiped from Stackoverflow. Brackets if [ CONDITION ] Test construct if [[ CONDITION ]] Extended test construct Array[1]=element1 Array initialization [a-z] Range of characters within a Regular Expression Curly Brackets ${variable} Parameter substitution ${!variable} Indirect variable reference { command1; command2; . . . commandN; } Block of code {string1,string2,string3,…} Brace […]

Everybody needs good neighbours

Following a repossession and a long vacancy, the house next door has a new owner, who is doing it up. We share a drive and I bumped into him as he was unloading decorating stuff from his car. I’m not good at chit chat. “Hello” I said. “Hello” he said. “You own the house now?” […]

Miscallaneous Wibble

This post is part of a short series of tutorials for people who are new to using their Raspberry Pi.  It will make more sense if you start at the beginning. Continued from here. First page here 12.  Some other useful bits and bobs Firstly, let me say that Linux is a huge subject and […]

A streaming pile of Pi

Continued from here. First page here. 11. Setting up your uPNP media server A uPNP media server allows you to stream videos from your Pi to any device that can talk to it.  A lot of tellies do this these days, along with PS3s, XBoxs, iPads, tablets and your PC.  With a server on your […]

Memory sticks and torrents

Continued from here. First page here. 9. Thanks for the memories For this chapter you’ll need a memory stick or a pre-formatted external hard drive with a USB connection.  As we are going to be putting videos on it, the larger the better.  Got one?  Good.  Stuff it up your Pi’s USB port.  There should […]

Torrents of Pi

Continued from here First page here 8.  Installing a Bittorrent Client I don’t know about you, but I want to install a Bittorrent client on your Pi, and I’ll tell you why.  If your PC uses a wireless router and you use Bittorrent, you will probably find that the Bittorrent traffic over your network utterly […]