It’s a bit quiet isn’t it?

I’ve not had much to say for myself recently.  Obviously I’ve had no interesting thoughts since June, and then it was about getting bits of metal out of a skip.  What a life I must lead.

Highlights since the last blog entry:

  • Fixed the brakes on my bike
  • Fixed the washing line
  • Poisoned two rats
  • Pumped up the car’s tyres
  • Went bungee jumping in Wales, fell 200 feet before the rope snapped, crashed head-first into an underground cavern where I discovered that Keith Harris was plotting to use a nuclear arsenal to overthrow the world’s governments and install Orville the Duck as Supreme Overlord of the Earth, beat him up with my bare hands, pulled Orville’s stuffing out and disarmed 24 nuclear bombs using nothing but my knowledge of Portable Appliance Testing and an elastic band the postman had dropped outside the front door
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Bought a long handled spoon

I made one of those up, by the way.

One Reply to “It’s a bit quiet isn’t it?”

  1. It’s a big relief to know that Orville has been divested of his stuffing. You should really get those tyres pumped up though.

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