A new plan

I want to discover a fundamental force of nature. What I’ll do is give it the unit of a “manilli”. Everyone will wonder why until they realise what 1/1000th of a manilli is. Then they will get that awful tune stuck in their head and hate me.

I love Linux

How many times have you been at work and found yourself wanting a file from your computer at home? What? Never? Well, it’s happened to me once or twice and being the sort of person who will happily spend hours bodging something up to fix a problem that doesn’t really need fixing, I had to […]


I’ve got a hankering for some network attached storage, but no money, so it’s time for a home-made job. Jen’s laptop is a creaky old AMD K6-2 which isn’t used for anything any more, but it’s powerful enough for a router with NAS, DHCP, DNS and any other TLA I can think of. Plus, it […]